Coasters are being used to place upon and under the drinks.  These are to protect drink from dust and particles and their other use is to keep tables and on whatever place they have been placed from getting dirty in case drink spill out of the cup and glass. They are very common in hotels, restaurants and other such places.

Public houses normally use beer mats for their tables, you will find them spread across all the tables because people sometimes do not pay attention to what they are doing and how they are having their drinks. These beer mats are best to be used in public houses because their work is not just to protect table from drinks, they also have ability to absorb drinks, if it get dripped from glass, and many places are also serving them to be used as ad-hoc notepads.  You will find them printed with beer companies’ trademarks or with alcohol advertisements. There is difference between beer mats and bar mats, so no one can get confused about them. Bar mats are rectangular pieces of rubbers and absorbents which can be found on the counters of bars and pubs to soak drinks spilt on them and they also protect the shine of the counters.

They were first made by a German printing company which was known as Friedrich horn in 1880, these were made of cardboard. In 1892 they were being made of wood pulp by the Robert sputh of Dresden it was the first beermat made of wood.

These were introduced in United Kingdom in 1920 by watney brewery; he used them to advertise his pale ale. After that the packageing company known as Quarmby promotions which was established in 1872 start manufacturing these mats in 1931 in milnsbridge. After sometime this establishment was taken over by katz group who moved the production to brighouse and to Morley, west Yorkshire in 2006. In 2009 this production was closed.

There are also saucers which are being used with cups. They are being used for same purpose but they are also a mark of sophistication. Saucers are being used from hundreds of years and are still very much trendy. Coasters are to be bought separately, they never paired with cups or glasses but for saucers in is a custom to purchase and sell them as pairs.  

People started making coasters in many styles, designs, material and patterns. They started being used in households as well. today they become a very common part of kitchen accessories and can be found in almost every house, restaurants, hotels, bars, and pubs.